2012 Bonfire Snowboard Jackets

2012 Bonfire Snowboard Jackets are on sale and ready to ship out direct to you from The House Boardshop. Mens 2012 Bonfire Snowboard Jackets deliver functional, form fitting designs with classic style and performance. Bonfire employs high quality manufacturing of modern, hard working weatherproofing and comfortable insulation that keeps you warm without being bulky and heavy. Bonfire continues to pump the stoke with their Mens 2012 Snowboard Jackets for sure. The House Boardshop ships out your new Bonfire gear within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

2012 Bonfire Snowboard Jackets

Size: Medium, Large
Reg: $189.95 On Sale: $117.95
Size: X-Large
Reg: $199.95 On Sale: $119.95
Size: Large, X-Large
Reg: $159.95 On Sale: $100.95
About Bonfire Outerwear:
The story of Bonfire is the story of consistently doing what you love. It's following the thing you'd do for free. It's the age old story of the best businesses. One day a guy (or girl) just started doing what he loved. And he shared it. And it multiplied. Was born again and again. There have been births and deaths. There have been powder days and days when the dirt of summer began to blot out the snow. But what keeps us coming back is that undeniable thing that we love. It's not a new love anymore, but it's ours. It's snowboarding. And community. And you.

(Taken from http://www.bonfiresnow.com)

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