2012 Grenade Snowboard Pants

2012 Grenade Snowboard Pants are now on sale and ship out fast from The House Boardshop. Mens 2012 Grenade Snowboard Pants dish out tons of style, versatility and comfort, even in some of the worst snow conditions grenade keeps you protected from the elements. Grenade features hardworking weatherproofing along with durable materials that allow you to stay dry while also not overheating from sweat. At The House we combine fast, free shipping with 30 years of great prices, selection, and outstanding service.

2012 Grenade Snowboard Pants

Size: Large, X-Large
Reg: $129.95 On Sale: $77.95
Size: Large, X-Large
Reg: $149.95 On Sale: $89.95
Size: Small, Large, X-Large
Reg: $134.95 On Sale: $80.95
About Grenade Gloves:
We started this whole movement to shake things up. There's no parent company calling the shots, just a bunch of kids doing what they love.

Through the years we have had some good times; and if we are lucky, they will keep rolling. We have had some illfated moments and have lost some of those closest to us. These moments only make us stronger and remember the good times that we've had. Countless amounts of our friends have poured their Blood, Sweat, and Tears into this project, and we thank them for all their devotion. When you start from nothing, that is the only thing you have to lose.

Without you, none of this could be possible. Because of your support, we have expanded drastically and have been able to provide you a product based on pride, integrity, and functionality. We aren't hinking of number while we make the best Gloves, Outerwear, Goggles, and Accessories in the industry. We are thinking of ourselves, and by saying this, we mean you as well. We are the same people as when we started, and though the thick and thin, we have preserved. We can only thank you for giving us the backbone that we needed to stand tall. We hope you know this, thank you for believing in us as we believe in you, strike now, stand up for what you believe is right, because, in the blink of an eye, it can be all over.

We are the Future; You are the Future, Viva La Grenade!
(Taken from www.grenadegloves.com)

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