2012 Thirty Two Snowboard Boots

2012 32 - Thirty Two Snowboard Boots Are Flying Outta The House Boardshop Blazing Fast. 2012 32 - Thirty Two Snowboard Boots have yet again made major technical advancements in the snowboard industry with features like System G2 Gel, which is a cushioning Gel that is less sensitive to temperature and won't pop under high impacts and their STI Evolution Foam. 32- Thirty Two also has you style points peeps covered with boots that make Air Jordan's look like a pair of Keds. The House Boardshop coombines our excellent service and great prices with insanely fast shipping. Since 1982.

2012 Thirty Two Snowboard Boots

Size: 8
Reg: $209.95 On Sale: $135.95
About Thirty Two Snowboard Boots:
Since 1995, ThirtyTwo has been pushing snowboard footwear technology to the next level. With the passionate ThirtyTwo team leading the way in product development, there is a perfect ThirtyTwo boot for all types of terrain, from city handrails to powder days in the backcountry. Rider owned and rider driven since day one, ThirtyTwo provides the most authentic high-quality, lightweight, 100% heat moldable boots on the market.

The Thirty Two Team:
Comprised of the most talented, passionate and dedicated snowboarders in the world, the ThirtyTwo team is committed to pushing creativity, innovation and progression to the next level.

The ThirtyTwo team spends ten months out of the year traveling around the world on the never-ending contest circuit, consistently dominating the park scene, as well as hiking the backcountry all day to build the perfect kicker. Clocking in countless hours of testing and R&D for our boots, the ThirtyTwo team confidently rides in nothing but the best. So, you can be sure your first experience riding in ThirtyTwo boots will keep you stoked and motivated throughout the season.

Snowboarders around the world need the best performing boots, period. Here at ThirtyTwo, listening to the needs of those our riders drives our technical innovation. Superior fit, comfort, support, flex and style make ThirtyTwo boots technically advanced.
(Taken from http://thirtytwo.com)

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